How to Achieve Long Lasting Sex and Prevent Premature Ejaculation Forever

Long lasting sex is the key to pleasing your partner. Being considered “good in bed” has everything to do with being able to last long enough during sex. The guys that can last are the guys who build reputations as great lovers. You can always learn little tricks and techniques for various sexual pleasures, but the backbone of intimacy is all about being a long lasting lover.

Many guys are familiar with various tricks to hold out as long as possible. Things like thinking about football. But we want to avoid using those tricks as they are just temporary band aid methods and they will lessen your own sexual pleasures as well. And of course, who wants to think about linebackers and defensive backs during sex.

What we want to do is learn how to prevent premature ejaculation forever.

Is it even possible? Some guys just simply believe that you either have a threshold for holding out or you don’t. The truth is nearly every guy has experienced quick ejaculation, especially during the early years of sexual activity.

There are only two things that make a guy a natural at preventing premature ejaculation:

  1. Experience. The more sex a guy has, the more used to it he becomes. In turn he is able to learn how to control his ejaculation. Sex becomes familiar territory and the experienced male will not get over excited within the first few minutes of intimacy, which is the period where many guys end up ejaculating too quickly.
  2. Practice. Unfortunately, not many males get to become super experienced when it comes to sex. They may have a girlfriend for a stretch and sex becomes a regular thing, but often times that is followed by a long dry spell and sensations begin to feel new again, hence quick ejaculation rears it’s ugly head. Either way there are practice techniques one can do on his own, without a partner, to improve his lasting ability. Performing kegel exercises in order to strengthen the muscle responsible for ejaculating is one of the best ways at preventing premature ejaculation.

Kegel Training:

If you urinate and stop halfway through, you will feel the muscle which stops urination. This same muscle stops premature ejaculation. The catch is that it is a lot harder to control when ejaculation comes on. It suddenly seems very weak, and essentially, that’s because it is.

What needs to be done is kegel training. You need to flex that muscle on it’s own as many times as you can. Then rest and repeat with more repetitions. Get to a point where you can do 20. The following week try for 30. Then go for 40 the week after. You will be surprised at how quickly you progress. Within only a few weeks you could be doing 50 reps, when you had started out barely doing 20.

So when sex occurs, and you feel ejaculation coming on, you need to flex that muscle and hold it, until your ejaculation settles down a bit and you are able to continue right on having sex.

This is truly the only way to permanently cure premature ejaculation. It is an all natural method as well since you don’t need any pills or lotions, you are just performing natural exercises.

Once you practice with kegel training you will become more accustomed with the feeling and will be able to apply it directly towards having sex with your partner. It will take a few weeks to build up the muscle to the point of being able to resist the temptations of sexual excitement and premature ejaculations.

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