Having Sex Longer By Counting Backwards – Does It Work For Premature Ejaculation Prevention?

Experiencing premature ejaculation can be very embarrassing. Guys are always looking for ways to last long. There are all kinds of tricks and tactics out there. Sometimes we need to re-focus on the simple methods that have worked for others in past.

Can simple methods really work for having sex longer?

They can, but most methods are geared towards just lasting those extra few minutes, and usually they are temporary tactics. Nevertheless, some tricks can make a HUGE difference in your sex life, and prevent the embarrassing quick ejaculation situation from happening.

One tip for premature ejaculation prevention that comes up every now and then, is “counting backwards”. This is performed simply by, as you may have guessed, counting backwards once you sense ejaculation coming on.

This works in a similar way as “thinking about sports” during sex to prevent premature ejaculation. The sports method works by distracting the mind onto a completely different subject, thus the sexual excitement at hand is ignored and one is able to have sex longer.

Does counting backwards work for having sex longer?

Yes, but you have to do it properly. You cannot just start from 10 and count down to 1. Not only is this not long enough, it is also too familiar and easy.

You need to choose a much higher number, and one you are not familiar with as far as counting backwards is concerned. Take for example the number 500. You would start counting down as such: 499, 498, 497, and so forth. This actually takes some effort, and increases your distraction level, which is good. Starting at 1000 or 2000 is even better.

The counting method is much better than the thinking of sports method. No one wants to think about football players while having sex, if you are straight. Counting is much more natural to perform as well, and actually trains your mind similar to meditation techniques.

Having sex longer is largely a mental issue. Yes, there are physical exercises you can do called “kegels” that will help greatly with control, but if you get the mental aspect down, you can really tackle this problem head on and prevent coming too quickly.

Ideally, physical exercises combined with mental techniques is the way to go. Backwards counting is an excellent place to start for tackling the mental aspect for lasting longer during sex and not experiencing the embarrassing condition of quick ejaculation.

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