European Club Rankings After March 15-17 Matches

Forget Genoa. This season’s all about the #UCL for Juventus.

They’re on the move in Sam Tighe rankings.

European Club Rankings After March 15-17 Matches

The final international break of the 2018-19 season is now upon us, but at least domestic football gave itself one hell of a send-off last week, combining brilliant Champions League …

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49 thoughts on “European Club Rankings After March 15-17 Matches

  1. words cant change any thing as uo saying mbu barcelona wl tke atrophy dnt be supplised whn t has not reachd quator finals.foot ball z foot ball

  2. Pls is it the juventus dat might play without ronaldo cos of ongoing investigation on his celebration, sha its okay, dey should ask ramos nd genoa wat was d end result sha🚶🏻

  3. winning and fulfilling a remontada against one of best defensive sides in europe with a very high quality goalkeeper will surely put you on top

  4. Then we should also forget about league goals and focus on champions league goals. I believe Champions league will give him balon dor without considering his league performance right? Anyway it is even a farmers league. They won it since September kickoff

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